Why choose Dale Power Solutions?


Our comprehensive Energy Storage Solution is unique, providing “The 4 Corners of Energy Storage”: Proven Technology, Aggregator Relationship, National Support, Financial Solution. From initial consultation to DSS (Distributed Storage Solutions) installation our joined-up offering means each customer transitions smoothly to an Energy Storage System and can quickly begin to enjoy lower energy bills for no capital investment.


We are one of the UK’s largest providers of service and support within the power sector, providing support 24/7 365 days of the year. In addition to extensive on-site support all our Energy Storage Batteries are remotely monitored ensuring optimum performance all year around.


Dale Power Solutions has over 80 years’ experience providing innovative secure power solutions to our customers. Our innovative solutions in generator and UPS development (9000 generators and UPS worldwide), combined with energy storage solutions means that Dale Power Solutions offers customers choice, industry excellence and expertise.


Our business is continually evolving in response to the needs and aspirations of our customers and we continue to invest in technology, infrastructure and skills. Our award-winning apprenticeship programme produces award winning apprentices who will take the business to the next level.


We provide complete lifecycle management of standby power solutions, from initial concepts through comprehensive and bespoke state-of-the-art design, project management, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, followed by complete maintenance and service. With Dale Power Solutions your power is in safe hands.