NAS® battery system is the most-used large scale battery energy storage technology in the world with total 559MW / 3906MWh of installed capacity across over 200 locations. For more information visit

NGK, established in 1919 in Nagoya, Japan, is a leading supplier of electrical insulators, ceramic substrates for automotive catalytic converters, and ceramic components and equipment for the electronics industry, as well as grid-scale energy storage batteries. Capitalising on its leading-edge expertise in ceramics, together with its unique molding, firing, processing and evaluation technologies, NGK began developing NAS® battery system in 1984 in cooperation with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., and commercialises them since 2002. The first NAS® battery system outside Japan was installed in US in 2006.
Heading the list of NAS advantages are long discharge time, six hours and more, and long life, rated at 4500 cycles or 15 to 20 years. The batteries’ advantages also include high energy density and high charge-discharge efficiency. NAS® battery system are economical, too, since their principal materials—sodium, sulfur, and ceramic— are plentiful and inexpensive.