UK politicians call out government for ‘glacial pace’ of adapting to change

A wide-ranging report from UK politicians into the country’s energy system has found that policy has moved at “glacial pace” to adapt to energy storage technologies and urged for faster action.

The energy and climate change (ECC) select committee, a cross-party group of members of parliament (MPs) released its latest report on 17 June, which criticises both the government over its slow pace in developing energy policy and the current organisation of the UK’s grid infrastructure.

The report called for significant and wide-ranging changes to the UK’s grid governance and policy landscape if the country is to transition towards low carbon network infrastructure.

It judged that while developing low carbon electricity is key to the UK’s decarbonisation ambitions, the current charging regime is not fit for purpose when addressing the “astounding” rise in new connection requests, particularly on distribution networks.

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