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India’s SECI issues RfS for 200MW solar and storage in Karnataka

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has issued a request for selection (RfS) document for the tendering of 200MW of grid-connected solar PV to be deployed alongside utility-scale battery storage in the state of Karnataka.

Each 50MW project is expected to be connected to 2.5MWh of storage capacity.

The tender for capacity in the Pavagada Solar Park comes under the National Solar Mission, phase II, Batch IV, Tranche VI.

SECI has already issued an RfS for 100MW of grid-connected solar PV projects with large-scale battery energy storage systems at the Kadapa Solar Park in Andhra Pradesh.

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Gaelectric gains €8.3 million EU funding for CAES project

Irish energy storage firm Gaelectric has been awarded an additional €8.28 million in European Union (EU) funding for its compressed air energy storage (CAES) project in Northern Ireland.

The funding comes from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Gaelectric’s 330MW CAES project, near the port town of Larne in Northern Ireland, will store energy in the form of compressed air in especially engineered caverns within geological salt deposits at depths of around 1.5 kilometres below ground level.

On completion, the Larne facility will provide generation capacity of 330MW for periods of up to eight hours, enough to meet the electricity needs of over 200,000 homes, the company said.

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Tesla opens up Gigafactory for first look

Tesla’s second Master Plan will be mostly funded by sales of its vehicles, particularly the new electric vehicle Model 3, chief executive Elon Musk said during a soft launch of the enormous ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada on Tuesday.

He told reporters that the upcoming Model 3 could generate US$20 billion revenue per year with roughly US$5 billion in gross profit once fully operational with the generation of half a million vehicles per annum. This could help pay for the new Tesla master plan, which incorporates solar-plus-storage for all households, car sharing and electric trucks among other proposals.

The electric vehicle and energy storage firm’s vast new Gigafactory facility, costing roughly US$5 billion, is far from fully operational with just a small portion complete, but Musk invited media in for a rare viewing this week. Japanese firm Panasonic Corp partnered with Tesla for the Gigafactory build, indicating in January that it may invest up to US$1.6 billion in the facility.

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Moixa expands in to Europe after gaining new investment

Moixa Technology is hoping to raise up to £20 million by the end of the year to fund its expansion into Europe, and has recently gained investment from three big beasts from the UK energy sector.

The energy storage company has attracted finance from Sam Laidlaw, a stalwart of the oil and gas industry and former chief executive of British Gas owner Centrica; Ian Marchant, a past CEO of big six utility SSE; and Brian Count, who served as chief executive of Innogy before it was bought by RWE.

According to Moixa’s chief executive Simon Daniel, some of the funding has already been released this year with further tranches to be raised in the autumn and again before Christmas to reach a total of between £10-20 million. This will partly be through asset funding to support lease financing, which Daniel says could see the company raise anywhere within the range of investment provided.

The amount is dependent on how much asset finance is available to the company, which will be predominantly for the UK, while equity funding will be used to expand the company’s presence in Europe.

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SOLARWATT announces expansion into UK solar storage market

German manufacturer SOLARWATT is preparing to launch its MyReserve energy storage system in the UK by developing a partnership network with installers and designers.

The expansion has been prompted by a substantial investment by Stefan Quandt of the family that owns BMW, allowing the company to take advantage of what it sees as growing traction for solar energy in the UK.

SOLARWATT said this growth is being led by carbon reduction obligations and concerns over energy costs and fuel security. It says this has led to the growth of energy storage devices like its own MyReserve system, which will be offered alongside the company’s range of renewable-energy generation and management systems.

Pol Spronck is international sales manager for SOLARWATT and is leading the manufacturer’s entry into the UK: “Electricity prices have been increasing significantly in the past few years. People want to fix energy costs as they do with mortgages – but utility costs keep rising. That is why household energy self-sufficiency is a hot topic today. With PV plus storage, people can fix the electricity costs for decades and boost their independence from utilities.

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UK politicians call out government for ‘glacial pace’ of adapting to change

A wide-ranging report from UK politicians into the country’s energy system has found that policy has moved at “glacial pace” to adapt to energy storage technologies and urged for faster action.

The energy and climate change (ECC) select committee, a cross-party group of members of parliament (MPs) released its latest report on 17 June, which criticises both the government over its slow pace in developing energy policy and the current organisation of the UK’s grid infrastructure.

The report called for significant and wide-ranging changes to the UK’s grid governance and policy landscape if the country is to transition towards low carbon network infrastructure.

It judged that while developing low carbon electricity is key to the UK’s decarbonisation ambitions, the current charging regime is not fit for purpose when addressing the “astounding” rise in new connection requests, particularly on distribution networks.

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White House’s ‘first executive push for energy storage’ could raise US$1 billion investment

The White House announcement of new developments and investment in energy storage has been characterised as “the first executive office push for energy storage” that will “undoubtedly galvanize” the industry, in a new GTM Research brief by the firm’s energy storage director Ravi Manghani.

As part of the initiatives propounded by the Obama administration, investors are announcing US$130 million in new funding commitments for energy storage. According to the report, in aggregate, these new commitments could lead to around US$1 billion in investments in energy storage.

Apart from significant financing announcements, other key takeaways from the federal government announcement are its commitment to increasing its storage and microgrid capacity through programmes that will both provide funding for rural microgrids and enable federal and military bases to be more resilient. Furthermore, the US Department of Energy is promoting the standardisation of energy data which will be more economical for the industry and individual stakeholders, as well as creating an accessible pool of information that will ensure efficiency and consistency across the industry.

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